Details Of The Blockade Runner The Thunderferret
Blockade Runner
(Original stats by Davy Jones, from Cortex Shipyards Volume 1, page 14, Modified by Kevin Flanagan for use in this Serenity RPG. Images courtesy of gmd3d designs)
Dimensions (LxBxH): 521 feet x 120 feet x 84 feet
Tonnage: 9,050 tons
Speed Class: 6 cruise/10 hard burn
Crew Quarters: 10 single, 4 double (324-ton common
Minimum Crew: 14
Fuel Capacity: 200 tons/1,000 ton tank (400 hours)
Cargo Capacity: 1,996 tons
Passenger Capacity: 10 first-class
Gear: can carry up to four 20-ton short-range shuttles, four large mules
905-ton armor plating (2W)
Armament: Two 10-lb. electromag cannons (80 conventional rounds, 20 EM rounds) d2 each
Price: 899,970 + ammo cost (20+ years: 224,993 + ammo cost, 40+ years: 44,999 + ammo cost)
Agl d8, Str d6, Vit d6, Ale d4, Int d4, Wil d10; Init d8+d4,
Life 16. Fast Throttle (major), Loved; Gas Guzzler, Lightweight.
Athletics d4, Pilot d4. Complexity: High
Maintenance Cost: 28,960/year (20+ years: 43,440/year, 40+ years: 57,920/year).
Like the ThunderParrot, this ship was originally built at the Celestine Shipyards on Beaumonde. She was built a light passenger liner (with cargo module capability) and named the Pride of Bonadan. She was assigned to regular runs between Bonadan starport on Paquin and ports of several White Sun worlds. During the war she was refitted with larger engines, armor, and railguns to become a blockade runner for the independents and renamed The Weasel. For nine years after the war she sat on the ground on Boros, until Captain Farmer and his crew decided to have her refurbished (at Alliance government expense, see S2 Ep6) and to rename her ThunderFerret.
3/4 front
3/4 rear
Deck Plans
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